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  • Best Minecraft Servers and How to Connect

    Minecraft is a survival game for several platforms including PC, PS4 and Xbox One, which allow the player to connect to "servers", or servers, created by fans. These servers are free for the most part and work differently than the basic game and uncompromising fun sport with unique rules. Find out what Minecraft's best servers are and how to connect with them:

    how to connect server

    First you need to open Minecraft on your computer. You will need to modify some information in your player profile, but nothing that will compromise the game as a whole, do not worry. With the game already installed, run it and, without main menu, choose an "Edit Profile".

    Within the window that opens, there are several possible options, but note the "Version Select" field and choose "Release Version" from the "Version 1.8.7" menu, which is usually a version used By several servers. Then click "Save Profile", or "Save Profile."

    To complete the setup, click Play. Then choose a Multiplayer option.

    Right after choosing a "Add Server".

    The "Server Name" can be maintained as you wish, but under "Server Address" you must enter the address of the server you want.

    List of Minecraft Servers

    The addresses are located below, in the description of each. With this, just click "Done" and then "Join Server" to start the game and start with server. Check out some suggestions for Minecraft servers:


    Full list server access: serverlist.minecraftserversweb.com

    Server Mineplex

    One of Minecraft's most famous servers, it has several MMORPG functions and minigames. It supports up to 12,000 concurrent participants and can be played by Brazilians without any problem. There is even a chat to join with other users. One of the main attractions is the "Clans" mode of multiplayer, where you can fight in groups. The address to log in to is us.mineplex.com

    Gontroller Factions PvP

    This is a dedicated server exclusively a player-to-player fighting, based on clan functions. Listen, it's war everywhere, all the time. He is a more aggressive server, but still fun. Ideal for those looking for more combat without game. Your connection address is pvp.gontroller.com

    These are just some of the best Minecraft servers. The connection process is the same for any other, so just repeat the guide.

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