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  • Minecraft gets gigantic update on PlayStation and Xbox

    Minecraft gets gigantic update on PlayStation and Xbox

    The guys playing Minecraft do not talk about anything other than the updates that came in the Java, Windows and Pocket Edition versions. In PCs, things are pretty much up to date, but ... and on the consoles? Who could not wait for updates can rest easy, because Microsoft has revealed an avalanche of news, from what was already expected and what is totally surprising for gamers.

    Minecraft PS4, Xbox One

    Called "Holiday Update," the update for PlayStation and Xbox brings the Elytra glider to the game. Even better than gaining the power to fly, console players will also receive an exclusive feature of the Java version, called "Amplified Terrain". In it, it is possible to use not only hundreds of thousands of blocks (PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U) but tens of millions (PS4, Xbox One) to build new worlds!

    Microsoft makes clear that among the new features will roll out new mobs, items and status effects, as well as general interface, game and tutorial changes. In The End (where Elytra will be available), you can play in new End Cities, use new End Ships, and use various decorative elements such as Chorus Plants and Purpur blocks.

    Well, the news today is just a preview of what's really coming to the consoles. We can see news such as shields or even the rest of the "Combat Update" giving the guys that way.

    For the company, this is the "largest update for consoles of the year" for Minecraft, and it says that after the update, finally the consoles will be on par with the PC. And before we forget, there's the icing on the cake: Microsoft has revealed that it is "completely redesigning the End dimension" of the game for consoles, leaving it as it does in the Java version.

    The novelty should come out in the coming weeks - before the holiday season, of course.


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